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Jul 17, 2019

Joe on Joe Theater Presents: Cold Slither: Behind The Rock!
Just what did happen behind the scenes during the epic, 1985 audio adventure that was Cold Slither. Let's go behind the rock music to meet the band, the producers, and the victims of Cold Slither's brief but brilliant, reign of rock.
Written, produced and Narrated by Joe Slepski
Featuring the vocal talents of...
David Elton as Torch
Stephen Jubber as Zartan
Claire Taylor as Zarana
Alex Tortora as Zandar, Cobra Commander, and Tomax
Paul Galliano as Xamot and Copperhead
Dave Amiott as Dr. Mindbender
Scot Peacock as Destro
Rebekah Walendzak Slepski as Janice Koppel and Zanya
David Schrader as Monkeywrench and Fred 16
Mark Silgalis as Major Bludd
Lizzie Czerner as Satin and Cover Girl
Jeremy Vilmur as the Cobra-La Catheter Guy
And the incomparable Morgan Lofting as The Baroness.
This has been a labor of love, all characters are wholly owned by Hasbro and is a parody, based off the amazing G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Sunbow episode, Cold Slither, written by Michael Charles Hill. I hope you enjoyed it. Big thanks to Hooded Cobra Commander for allowing me to play as part of Cobra Convergence IV.
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And finally, all music was recorded by the incredible Chicago band, Hot as Hell. Check them out at
Music produced and recorded by the legendary, Mat Von Thies.