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Every week Joe Slepski and a special guest breaks down an episode of G.I. Joe A Real American Hero, designed to watch along with the episode you're watching! We are also on Patreon at where you can get access to my entire back catalog of episodes and get exclusive access to my newest podcast, Joe on Joe Illustrated!

Thanks for checking out my show and now you Joe... and Joeing is half the battle.

Nov 18, 2020

This is the McFarlane vs. Rogers throwdown you never thought you needed. I break down each page comparatively, #61 as printed vs. #61 as Spawned!
Who was the winner? You'll have to listen to find out!
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Nov 11, 2020

What a slam bang issue! Cobra Commander... Shot! Billy on his own! Most of all, 4 of our Joes are taken prisoner behind enemy lines!
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Nov 4, 2020

Todd McFarlane has arrived and he brings the thunder! This issue moves fast! The plot makes zero sense, but it looks pretty! Monkeywrench! Zanzibar! Chuckles! Fast Draw! Lt. Falcon! Law & Order!
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Oct 28, 2020

Introducing the character find of 1987... Raptor!
CC, Raptor, & Fred go on a Joe hunt, Billy snoops a local dojo, while Outback & Tunnel Rat join the gang!
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Oct 21, 2020

JoJ Illustrated is back with Issue #58! Thrill to Dusty and Mainframe adventuring in the desert, and chill at Cobra Commander getting his armor!
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